Thursday, July 23, 2009

Miss Selfridge Ethnic Belt

" Miss Selfridge Ethnic Belt "
Authentic leather
Brown colour
Long - 107cm
Price : RM 25.00

Satin shirt

" Studio 17 satin shirt "
Cream colour
Bought it in Bali a few years ago
Still in good conditions
Size : S (ukurlilit dada - 80cm )
Price : RM15.00

Checkered Shirt

" Red Checkered Shirt "
3/4 sleeve
Size : L (ukurlilit dada - 84cm )
Price : RM 15.00

Tenderly Blue Baby Shoes

" Tenderly Blue Baby Shoes "
Soft sponge material
Size : 2 (11.5cm)
Price : RM 10.00

Pooh Baby shoes

" Pooh Baby shoes "
Hard shoes site (tapak kasut)
Suitable for toddlers that can walk firm n steady
Size : 4 (14.5cm)
Price : RM 10.00

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

George Asda Baby Suit

" George Asda Baby Suit "
Size 3-6 months(up to 8 kg)
Colour : White & Blue
Price : RM 8.00

Pooh Short Romper

" Pooh Short Romper"
Bought from Mothercare
Size : 3-6 months
Price : RM 5.00

Mothercare Baby shoes

" Mothercare City Life Baby Shoes"
Soft sponge material.Suitable for babies that just learn to walk or crwaling.
Size : 3UK / EUR 19 (13cm)
Up to 12 months
Price : RM10.00

Topshop Beige Leather Belt

"Topshop Beige leather Belt"
Authentic Leather
Colour : Beige / Cream
L - 109cm, W - 8.5cm
Price : RM25.00

Guess Handbag

" Authentic Guess Handbag "
L - 22cm, H - 13cm, W - 5,5cm
Bought in while studying in UM that is around 10 years ago. Can be catogarised as a vintage Guess handbag. The condition is good.
Price : RM 55.00

Nine West Handbag

" Authentic Nine West handbags "
L - 24cm, H - 14cm, W - 5cm
This bag did not fit my current lifestyle as after having 2 boys there so much stuff to be put into one bag.Need a bigger bag than this. But these bag should fit a purse, hphone, lipsticks and keys as well.
Price : RM 75.00

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Harley Davidson Jeans

"Harley Davidson jeans"
Authentic and bought it from Harley Davidson boutique at Kings Road,London
Skinny Boot Cut
Front Zip
Waist - 30" , Long - 37"
Price : RM 75.00

Miss Sixty Jeans

"Authentic Miss Sixty Jeans"
Straight Cut
Front zip
Bought it in London while studying there
Waist - 29" , Long - 37"
Price : RM 85.00

Armani Jeans

"Authentic Armani Jeans"
Straight Cut
Front Zip
Bought the jeans while studying in London but couldn't fit it into it anymore after 2 babies coming out...... :)
Size : Waist - 29" , Long - 40"
Price : RM 165.00

The Ribbons Pump Shoes

"The Ribbon Pump Shoes"
Material : Suede
Colour : Dark Brown
Brand new
Price : RM30.00
Size : 38 / 7 M'sia

Spring Cleaning....

Spring Cleaning or is it suppose to be summer cleaning.Hahaha....Just spend the whole morning picking up all those stuff that is still good n nice to put in the blog...while taking up the pics my eldest sons sibok2 datang asking to take his lovely Bob the Builders bag and his pics as well.....HHHmmmmm......But the Bob The Builder Bag are not for sell though and my baby gave a geat pose....So here are a few of the items that for sale for the lovely n cheap price.Not to be worry coz all goods are in good conditions and I guarantee it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Zhulian Ohhh Zhulian

Nak dipendekkan citer, I dah masuk Zhulian ni dah lama dah.Since 2006 or 07 kot coz time tu terkesima gak dengar talk dier....Tapi bile dah masuk rasa rugi plak coz barang yang dah beli tak terjual sangat.Rugi sesangat coz it already become my stock....Dapat jual pun sket jer kat sedara mara n dulu pun x tau ada blog2 camni. So here I gather a few of my Zhulian stock that is still brand new dan belum pun terjual...Have a look guys....Owh yang bestnyer Zhulian bole dapat until 2011 free untuk sadur balik...

"Love Bracelet"

Long - 19cm

Price - RM 158.00

" Blue Stone Bracelet "

Long - 18.5cm

Price - RM 189.00

" Ratu Collection Bracelet " Long - 17.5 cm

Price - RM 196.00

" Flower Brooch "

Price : RM 66.00

" The Bow Brooch "

Price : RM 99.00

" The Leaf Brooch "

Price : RM 109.00

" The Cute Bow Brooch '
Price : RM 77.00
If you see, Zhullian accessories is indeed a little bit pricey tapi kalau tengok betul-betul, batu yang dipakai is Zicornia and batu2 ni sumenya diikat so tak perlu risau kalau nak terbasuh or telanggar coz tak akan tercabut....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Brown Embroidered Stretch Pants

"Brown Embroidered Stretch Pants"
Brand New
Available in size : M (waist 28" , long 40" )
Price : RM 45.00

Green Embroidered Stretch Pants

"Green Embroidered Stretch Pants"
Brand New
Available in :
- Size M ( waist 28", long 40")
- Size L ( waist 30", long 40")
- Size XL ( waist 34", long 40")
Price : RM 45.00